Cooling, heating and dehumidifying
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Konvektor GRAVIMAT eingebaut in die Wand @ Clina Heiz- und Kühlelemente GmbH

system description

The capillary tube mats are arranged vertically and hooked in a frame, as a front-wall installation or integrated into the wall, behind any air-permeable and moisture-resistant material. On the visible side, there is a neutral or decorative room element, depending on the customer’s requirements, for the dissipation or supply of sensitive heat loads. The water circulates noiselessly in the capillary tube mats, regulating the room temperature and dehumidifying rooms.

While cooling in summer, dehumidification takes place parallel to the temperature reduction as soon as the temperature falls below the dew point. In contrast to an air conditioning system, however, temperature and humidity cannot be controlled individually. Cooling and dehumidification are coupled together. The respective intensity depends on constructive parameters of the GRAVIMAT, the cold water temperature, the mass flow rate and of course on the room air condition.

Capillary tube mat
The capillary tube mat OVAMAT G 10 is recommended for this design.

Length & Width & Depth
The capillary tube mats are custom-made in length and width for each project.

The dimensions for the GRAVIMAT frame are also variable. The standard frame has the dimensions
2.270 x 1.160 x 150 mm (H x W x D).

Hydraulic connection
The capillary tube mats are connected to each other via a header.

The capillary tube mats are hooked vertically into a frame. The mats are arranged parallel to each other. They are tightened by a spring mechanism.

Frame and panelling/covering
The frame is galvanized. Any type of air-permeable and moisture-resistant material can be used for the panelling. This can be a cupboard door with upper and lower opening, blinds, wooden slats, perforated metal plates, etc.

The system can be controlled room-by-room.

Fileds of application
Ideal for weather conditions or climate zones with high humidity. Suitable for all types of buildings, such as office buildings, residential buildings, hotels, medical practices, but also stables, etc., whether new buildings or renovation.

Installation situation

 front-wall installation integrated into the wall
Konvektor GRAVIMAT als Vorwandinstallation_Clina Rendering Konvektor GRAVIMAT integriert in Wand_Clina Rendering
Konvektor GRAVIMAT als Vorwandinstallation_offen_Clina Rendering Konvektor GRAVIMAT in Wand_offen_Clina Rendering



GRAVIMAT Seitenansicht Frontansicht

The GRAVIMAT can be installed as a front-wall installation or integrated into the wall. The capillary tube mats are hooked vertically into a frame. This frame is made of galvanised customary steel profiles and can be mounted on site.

The capillary tube mats are connected to each other via a header. Depending on the required capacity, up to five capillary tube mats can be connected in parallel.

At the lower end of the convector there is a condensate tray for the condensate. The condensate can be drained via a hose. If a condensate pump is used, a power connection must be provided.

recommended capillary tube mat

The capillary tube mat OVAMAT G 10 consists of an oval mat distributor pipe (20 x 12 x 2,0 mm) and capillary tubes (3,4 x 0,55 mm).

The constant distance between the capillary tubes (centre-to-centre distance) is 10 mm and is guaranteed by the omega ribbons.

Alternatively or depending on the installation situation, the ORIMAT G 10 with 2 round mat distributor pipes (20 x 2,0 mm) can be used.

Special features

  • low pressure loss
  • good venting
  • large surface


to the capillary tube mat OVAMAT

to the capillary tube mat ORIMAT

to the prefabricated product GRAVIMAT

OVAMAT G 10 with labeling_Clina capillary tube mat



Cooling, heating & dehumidifying with one system
The GRAVIMAT represents a cost-effective alternative to conventional systems such as air conditioning, fan coil units or split systems.

In principle, the installation of a Clina convector comes close to the operation of an air conditioning system.

High heating and cooling capacities
High heating and cooling capacities can be achieved. They can be determined by the size of the convector or the size and number of mats. In addition, the flow temperature is also an influencing variable.

Suitable for climate zones with extreme weather conditions, with high humidity. The GRAVIMAT is predestined for operation below the dew point, as the condensate accumulates in the convector and can also be discharged from there.

Comfort without draught
A natural convection is created in the room, where the driving „force“ is the temperature difference between the room air temperature and the surface temperature of the capillary tube mats. In contrast to forced convection with fans, a greater well-being is achieved.

Cooling at high humidity is possible
Particularly suitable for premises located in regions or climate zones with extreme weather conditions and high humidity.

Low installation height 
The ceiling only needs to be suspended by approx. 10 cm to attach the Clina capillary tube mats and supply lines. 
Alternatively, the supply lines can be installed through the wall. 

Simple installation and easy retrofitting
As front-wall installation or integrated in the wall, the GRAVIMAT requires only little space. It can be adapted to any interior. 

Installation and cleaning are very easy (the capillary tube mats can be removed if necessary). 

The openings for the flow of the room air can be freely arranged.

Self-regulating effect
Output and air flow are depending on the temperature difference between room air and surface of the capillary tube mats.

Low life-cycle costs
The GRAVIMAT is inexpensive, if necessary, customary elements can be used as frames. 

The capillary tube mats have a long service life. 

For the cooling water circuit only low pump capacities are required.



at free convection


at free convection




approx. 350 W

ΔT = 15 K (between room air and flow temperature)
for standard design

approx. 600 W

ΔT = 10 K (between room air and flow temperature)
for standard design


sound absorption possible with appropriate materials


height x width x depth

2.270 x 1.160 x 150 mm


mat unit
5 mats filled with water

approx. 11 kg/m² plus frame


mounting frame

approx. 13,8 kg


PN 10