Ground collector

Erdkollektor Clina
Erdkollektor Clina 2

The Clina ground collector is a pre-assembled area collector used for efficient development of the ground as a heat source using brine/water heat pumps.

Compared to conventional ground collectors made of PE pipes, the ground space required is reduced by up to 50 %. The Clina ground collector consists of very slim capillary tubes with a parallel flow, which end in a 20 mm thick header (mat distributor pipe). The positioning of the collector can be done individually on the property, whereby 16 m² area is required per collector circuit. The ground collector is laid horizontally in the ground at a depth of approx. 1,20 m.

If possible, the area above the collector area should not be built on in order to ensure optimal regeneration of the ground. The plantation can be done with flat-rooted plants. The exact space required for the Clina ground collector is determined during the planning phase. This collector may only be installed by authorised specialist companies.

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