The controller TR2/3F is available with and without display and is used for temperature control of the room. The dew point monitoring to protect the cooling surface from condensation is carried out by connecting a dew point sensor.

The controller (in-wall mounting), suitable for integration into existing switch ranges, can control 1 valve (heating or cooling) and can also be converted internally to control 2 valves (heating and cooling).

With the option of external remote setpoint adjustment ± 5 K via 0-10 V, the TR2/3 is used in two-pipe systems (heating or cooling) and four-pipe systems (heating and cooling). As soon as the room temperature exceeds the set value, the heating/cooling is switched off.

Clina Room Temperature Controllers are equipped with a connection for Clina Dew Point Sensors. The actual operating mode (cooling / heating / danger of dew point) is indicated by light‐emitting diodes.

The room temperature is controlled via a simple 2‐point‐control mode (ON/OFF). The temperature controller records the room temperature and activates the zone valve with actuator via a control signal . As a result of the low level water content and the spreading of 2‐4 K, a modulating control 0-10 V is not necessary. This type of room temperature control is preferentially used for cooling and also heating purposes with the capillary tube system.

Technical data

Description room temperature controller TR2/3
Item No. TR2/3

Operating voltage

24 VAC ± 10%, 50-60 Hz

Control range

5–30 °C


a) cooling or heating

b) cooling and heating

with set point remote adjustment


in-wall mounting suitable for in‐wall socket in accordance to DIN 49073 (mounting depth 28 mm)