The controller TR1B is designed to regulate and control the room-temperature individually set by the resident.  The dew point surveillance, which is important to protect the cooling ceiling against damage resulting from condensation, is realised by connecting a dew point sensor.

The controller TR1B (on‐wall mounting) has an exit to actuate a valve and is switchable between heating or cooling.

Clina Room Temperature Controllers are equipped with a connection for Clina Dew Point Sensors. The actual operating mode (cooling / heating / danger of dew point) is indicated by light‐emitting diodes.

The room temperature is controlled via a simple 2‐point‐control mode (ON/OFF). The temperature controller records the room temperature and activates the zone valve with actuator via a control signal . As a result of the low level water content and the spreading of 2‐4 K, a modulating control 0-10 V is not necessary. This type of room temperature control is preferentially used for cooling and also heating purposes with the capillary tube system.

Technical data

Description room temperature controller TR1B
Item No. TR1B
Operating voltage 24 VAC/50 Hz, 24 VDC
Control range 13‐29 °C
Function cooling or heating
with switchover ECO‐function
Installation on-wall mounting