modernes Büro mit gelochter Gipskartondecke
T-CON GmbH Co. KG Plattling Modernes Büro © Dauphin-Group


New construction of a four-storey, ultra-modern office building with more than 1.600 m² office space. The room layouts are realised exclusively through the furniture. In the open and light-flooded design of the open-plan offices, the concepts for space, furniture, light, acousticsand temperature control are perfectly coordinated, creating the ideal conditions for modern and comfortable working.

Clina OPTIPANEL 18 - prefabricated, perforated gypsum board panels with integrated capillary tube mats - have been installed as heating and cooling ceiling on all four floors, which not only ensures comfortable temperatures at all times of the year but also contributes to good acoustics. The OPTIPANEL 18 were prefabricated in different dimensions according to the project.

1 Dauphin HumanDesign Group, Referenzbericht "T.CON", Plattling: Beste Bedingungen für modernes Arbeiten, as of 25.08.2021


Project title

Ultra modern office building BV Eberl Plattling



Building type

office building


Klaus Knörich


Yorma Eberl


CTM surface

1.267 m²