The Japan Center is a high-rise building in Frankfurt's banking district. The office building has 27 storeys and a height of 115 metres. It was designed by the architects Joachim Ganz and Walter Rolfes and completed in 1996.1

The Japan Center has a terracotta-coloured natural stone façade and is designed according to strict geometric forms in classical Japanese design. The basic dimension, derived from the Japanese tatami mat (0,9 metres × 1,8 metres), was doubled to form a square at the windows. The widely cantilevered roof of the office tower, which originally cost around 200 million euros, is reminiscent of the shape of a Japanese stone lantern.1

The façade structure of the Japan Center looks as if six-storey office wings were stacked on top of each other, each twisted by 90 degrees. Every six storeys, large and small punched windows alternate, simultaneously reflecting the use inside. Behind the large windows are open-plan offices with a room depth of 10,5 metres, behind the small windows are single-room offices. The square floor plan of the Japan Center has dimensions of 36,9 metres × 36,9 metres.1

More than 7000 m² of capillary tube mats in metal cassettes were installed in the office spaces, which are used by the occupants for heating and cooling and provide a pleasant office climate.

1 Skyline Atlas, Japan Center, URL: (as of 29.04.2021)




Project title

Japan-Center new construction Frankfurt am Main



Building type

office building
new construction


Joachim Ganz, Walter Rolfes


Jowa Japan Center GmbH


CTM surface

7.125 m²