Heat recovery / heat source waste water

Heating and hot water in the sewage treatment plant in Münster are completely covered by heat recovery in combination with a heat pump.

In the sedimentation tank in Münster there is a grid chamber through which waste water flows. A heat exchange register made of plastic capillary tube mats was hung there, in which a heat transfer medium flows. The heat transfer medium (brine) takes on the temperature of the water, which never drops below 8 °C. The heat is then transferred to the water. In combination with a heat pump, this is used to heat the operational buildings as well as the entire domestic hot water supply.

As simple as the construction sounds, it is effective: The operational buildings of the sewage treatment plant are thus heated from the waste heat of the sedimentation basin without the need for additional energy for heating from the outside.1

1 chi, Energie sparen an vielen Stellen,, (as of 03.06.2021)


heat exchanger


Project title

Heat recovery waste water plant Münster




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62 m²