“A house is a machine for living in” The Gradient is nothing short of prestigious, denoted by the vast availability of office space coupled with a classic design that was conceptualised in the 1920s by the highly distinguished Swiss architect Le Corbusier, who was a true master of modern architecture. The Gradient offers functionality, appeal and style.

The Gradient is a high standing building with an incredible view and a prestigious entrance hall to boot. When it comes to the layout of the building, the influences of modern architecture allow for plenty of functionality and flexibility thanks to a spacious ground floor whilst maximising the available office space without impeding the overall look of the building.

On the technical side, the Gradient features both direct and indirect suspended lighting that is triggered by a presence detector, thus reducing the building’s ecological footprint and adding style to its many rooms. Furthermore, a cooled ceiling has been installed and its power is increased by the architect’s structural style and approach. 1 The cooling ceiling was designed as a metal cassette ceiling, where the capillary tube mats were fixed to the inside of the metal cassettes. Additionally, the building’s modulation stands at 1,29 metres with ceiling height of 2,70 metres.

1 Confinimmo, The Gradient, of 26.07.2021



Project title

The Gradient, office building Av. de Tervueren 270 Brussels



Building type

office building


Le Corbusier




CTM surface

1.700 m²