Clina Plastic Manifolds have the task to distribute the water flows of the secondary circuit to the different zones according to the specifications. This way the hydraulic balancing as well as the single room regulation is realized via the electro-thermal actuators (2-point control) controlled by the room regulators.

Plastic Manifolds (-20° to + 90°C) with integrated air chambers for thermal insulation in the colours red and blue.

Flow unit with integrated shut-off device, can be changed and equipped with an actuator. Return flow unit with integrated, adjustable flow meter, protecting cap with eyelet seal.

Manifold connection unit with 1½” male thread and 1” female thread and four additional ½” bore holes for e.g. deaerator, feed and vent cock, thermometer. The manifold connection is possible from the right or the left side.

Outlet screw connections of the separate circuits, ¾” male thread Euroconus for plastic, copper/soft steel or multi-layer composite pipes.

Technical data

KVTXX Kunststoffverteiler_Clina Kunststoffverteiler


KVTXX Kunststoffverteiler 04-fach_Zeichnung_Clina Kunststoffverteiler


Description flow manifold and return flow collector, pre-assembled
flow meter yellow 1,7 up to 7,8 l/min (100 up to 465 l/h)
Item No. KVT..
No. of heating circuits 2 - 12
more than 12 on request
Material housing: plastic
brass parts: CuZn40Pb2
gaskets: EPDM
Item No. Type Total length (without ball valve)
KVT02 2-fold 185 mm
KVT03 3-fold 240 mm
KVT04 4-fold 295 mm
KVT05 5-fold 350 mm
KVT06 6-fold 405 mm
KVT07 7-fold 460 mm
KVT08 8-fold 515 mm
KVT09 9-fold 570 mm
KVT10 10-fold 625 mm
KVT11 11-fold 680 mm
KVT12 12-fold 735 mm