Environmentally friendly and cost-effective option for non-chilled islands, air-cooling systems or ice-chilled islands. Product family includes cold islands, cold islands with shelves and separated cold shelves.
We provide our cooling systems with tailor made furnitures, we install cold plates and cooling unit to existing furnitures or we co-operate with local furniture suppliers. Easily movable. Economical investment.
Product concept is modular plug & play system. Different size of islands and shelves can be built from standard modules.
Customized and changeable surface materials for islands and shelves.
Concept is based on Polar Island developed cooling unit. The unit pumps the mix of water and coolant through the cooled plates in a closed cooling circulation. Cooled plates can be adjusted to a preferred temperature.
Polar Island separate shelves and islands with shelves has protection of design in EU.


room element


Project title

Polar Island Cooling Furniture



Building type

public building


CTM surface

280 m²