In the summer of 2017 an active house was completed in The Hague. The house was commissioned and designed by Bas Hasselaar, building physicist and specialist in the field of sustainable building and indoor environment. The Active House is a building vision in which comfort, energy and environment are seen as an integral whole: one always influences the other. The starting point is the user; the building must provide a healthy and comfortable indoor climate, which must then be achieved in an energy-efficient and sustainable manner through the environmentally conscious use of materials.

For this reason, a low-temperature heating system based on capillary tube mats was chosen. These heating mats have a fine-meshed net of thin water-filled tubes that can be installed flat on the surface. In the bedrooms and living rooms these mats are installed in the ceiling, in the kitchen in the wall and directly under the floor tiles. As they are almost directly under the surface, the reaction time is short, so they can be switched on and off when needed. Apart from the fact that Clina radiant heating is energy-efficient, it is a very pleasant form of heat, without air turbulence, whirled up dust or dry air complaints. One of the reasons why Bas Hasselaar's house has a healthy indoor climate.


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Project title

Bas Hasselaar Active House The Hague


The Hague

Building type

residential building
new construction


Bas Hasselaar


CTM surface

66 m²