For a villa in Rijsenhout a horizontal ground collector has been installed with a surface area of 2×640 m². Directly behind the earth collector field is the villa, which is heated and cooled using Clina's radiation system; the capillary tube mats are both used in plaster and in concrete (BOA - concrete surface activation). Indul air distribution luminaires have also been incorporated into the residential villa.

The ground collectors are connected according to the Tichelmann system in order to achieve equal resistance across the entire ground collector field. The geothermal capillary tube mats are installed at a depth of 1.30 m below ground level. The groundwater level at this location is 0.60 m below ground level. The mats are connected per group of 4×16 m² = 64 m² to a manifold duct with five groups. A total of four manifolds have been installed.

The PP capillary tube mats are not only used in buildings as heating and/or cooling systems, but since 2002 they have been used with great success as a heat source of brine-water heat pumps. The homogeneously moist soil at a depth of 1,30 m provides, depending on the season, a heat supply of approximately 10 °C and is an ideal heat supplier for a heat pump.


ground collector
near-surface concrete activation


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Project title

Barnhoorn Rijssenhout Villa



Building type

residential building
new construction


CTM surface

1.448 m²