for push-lock systems 15 mm


The Clina connection system consists of flexible hoses and Clina push-lock connections. By inserting the flexible hoses, the capillary tube mats are easily and securely connected with the supply and return lines of the piping system. At present more than 2 million Clina push-lock connections are Europe-wide in use.

The Clina connection system consists of guide sleeves and cartridges which were exclusively developed for Clina. The claw fastener ensures that these connections, which are under pressure, do not loosen or become leaky even after years of operational service. A guide sleeve ensures the correct seating of the hose nipple of the flexible hose. The nipples of the flexible hoses are made of rust-proof metal.

Technical data

SNY 15.XXXX Anschlussschläuche DN13 SNY 15.XXXX Anschlussschläuche DN13 Zeichnung



flexible hoses 15

Item No. SNY 15.
Push-lock system 15 mm
DN 13
Ø outside 15 mm
Length 500 mm, 800 mm, 1200 mm
Pressure stage PN 10

hose nipple: nickel-plated brass

inner hose: EPDM

coating: high pressure synthetic material