for gypsum board and metal panel ceilings


Clina Dew Point Sensors register any possible accumulation of condensation at the capillary tube mat or in its immediate surroundings, thereby changing their electric resistance. This resistance change in the sensor is recognised by the room temperature controller TR1 and TR2/3 and causes the control valve to close. It therefore protects the cooling surfaces effectively against damage.

Technical data

Description dew point sensor for gypsum board or metal panel ceilings
Item No. TF3 G/M-22
Dimensions L x W x H 70 x 20 x 7 mm (sensor with housing)
Connecting cable 2-core, length 10 m, 2 x 0,14 mm²  (extendable up to approx. 50 m with shielded cable), non-halogen
Operating voltage 24 VDC, 24 VAC/50 Hz
Allowed ambient temperature 0...50 °C
Switching point for dew point approx. 8 MΩ, corresponds to approx. 95% rel. humidity
Material housing: plastic, circuit board: gold plated
TF3 G_M-14 dew point sensor for gypsum board &metal panel ceilings_drawing_Clina MCT
          dew point sensor TF3 G/M 22


dew point sensor TF3 GM-14 mounting in gypsum board ceiling_drawing_Clina MCT
     mounting in gypsum board ceiling



dew point sensor TF3 GM-14 mounting in metal panel_drawing_Clina MCT
    mounting in metal panel